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Specialty Tools
  Central offers many other tools including some non-measuring tools. Check out our selection below. Also check out our STORM value line of tools and our MOODY TOOLS line of miniature tools.






6" Precision Rules
Made of top quality stainless steel ground and tempered.
Tool No. Description Graduations Picture
6514 Flexible Pocket 32nds & 64ths view
6515 Flexible Pocket 64ths & 1mm view

6" Calipers & Dividers
Fully hardened and heat treated. Calipers meet Fed. Spec. GGG-C-95A  Dividers meet Fed. Spec. GGG-D-551F
Tool No. Description   Picture
6521 Divider   view
6524 Outside Caliper   view
6527 Inside Caliper   view

Precision Straight Edges
To be used with your feeler gages to measure head, block and flywheel straightness from small engines up to HD diesels.
  • Made from high quality heat treated steel.
  • 1/4" thick for stability
  • Precision ground
  • Tough epoxy coating
  • Convenient hang-up hole
  • Tool No. Description    
    6431 35" Long    
    6429 24" long    
    6475 18" long    

    Engine Warp and Alignment Gage - Tool No. 6430
    Checks main bearing saddle alignment as well as warp of head, block and manifold. Hardened and ground 3/4" bar is accurate to within .002" over its full length of 26". Has hang-up hook and removable anti-roll block.

    Small Hole Gages
    For checking valve guide wear, and Telescoping Gages for checking slots, grooves and cylinders.
    Tool No. Description Range Picture
    6552 4 Piece Small Hole Gage .125-.500" view
    4311 Individual Gage .125-.200" view
    4312 Individual Gage .200-.300" view
    4313 Individual Gage .300-.400" view
    4314 Individual Gage .400-.500" view
    6554 6 Piece Telescoping Gage 5/16--6" view
    4349 Individual Gage 5/16-1/2" view
    4350 Individual Gage 1/2-3/4" view
    4351 Individual Gage 3/4--1-1/4" view
    4352 Individual Gage 1-1/4--2-1/8" view
    4353 Individual Gage 2-1/8--3-1/2" view
    4354 Individual Gage 3-1/2--6" view

    Angle Finder - Tool #6494A
    Used to measure truck and automotive front ends and drive shaft angle.

    Come with tempered steel points.
    Tool No. Description   Picture
    6542 7" long with unhardened hook   view
    6543 8" long with 90 degree bend   view

    Top Quality Miniature Tool Set
    Tool No. Description Repl. parts  
    6551 Miniature Jewelers Screwdriver and Awl Set with slotted screwdriver blades. view  
     See the complete line of miniature tools available at our Moody Tools website.