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STORM provides a quality line of imported tools for the value conscious mechanic. The tools include micrometers, calipers dial indicator sets, torque wrenches and specialty tools. We will be adding tools to this line on a regular basis.
  Tools with available Instruction Sheets
Tool No.     Description Picture Instruction Sheets
      Dial Indicator Sets view view  
      Heat Guns view view  
      Torque Wrenches view view  
      Mechanical Digital Micrometers view view  
      Conventional Micrometers view view  
3B530     Digital Drum Gage view view  
3B630     Digital Wheels-on Drum Gage view view  
3C301     Digital Caliper view view  
3C350     Digital Caliper with Fractions view view  
3D301     Cylindar Bore Gage view view  
3D487     Timing Gage view view  
3K300     Jaw Adapter Kit for Caliper view view  
3M130     Conventional Rotor Micrometer view view  
3M430     Electronic Digital Rotor Micrometer view view  
3M512     Inside Micrometer view view  
3M646     Depth Micrometer view view  
3R101     Refractometer view view  
3S401     Digital Tread Depth Gage view view  
3S600     LED Lighted Tweezer Set view view  
3T317   . Torque Wrench 20-200 inch/lbs view view  
3M230     Mechanical Digital Rotor Micrometer view view