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A brief history of Central Tools




Since 1908, Central Tools, Inc. has been a name synonymous with precision measuring instruments. The company's first products were micrometers. In the late 1940's Central expanded its tool line to include other specialty measuring devices for the automotive aftermarket. In 2000 STORM™ measuring tools was developed as our value line, providing a high quality reasonably priced option. In 2012 we acquired Moody Tools adding precision screwdrivers, picks, probes and scribers to our product mix. In 2015 we grew again with the addition of King Tools, which along with scribers and picks also manufactures tip drills and soapstone holders. Both of these acquisitions have been relocated to our Cranston, RI facility.


Available products today include torque products, dial indicators and test sets, calipers, micrometers, and an extensive range of specialty automotive tools in Central. Precision screwdrivers, picks, probes, scribers and specialty tools are available in Moody. King manufactures tip cleaners, pin vises, soapstone holders, scribers and picks. We are proud that most of our Central, Moody and King branded tools are made in the USA. These products are marked on the website.


With the integration of the Moody and King lines we now support customers in the industrial, electronic, optical, welding and hobbyist markets in addition to our traditional automotive aftermarket customers.

Carrying on the tradition of over 100 years of product excellence, Central Tools looks forward to serving you.


Bob Pond, Executive VP

Phone 800-866-5287

e-mail bpond@centraltools.com